meet our founder, laura wilson

When my son, Jack, was 8-months-old, he was prescribed steroids for his dry, cracked and bleeding skin. I felt helpless that my only option to improve his condition was steroids, and experimented with countless natural skincare products - nothing worked. Then, I discovered a completely safe, all-natural, homegrown, herbal skincare product that prevented Jack's irritating flare-ups.

I live by the mantra "know your ingredients" - particularly when it comes to my children, Jack and Ella. My goal is to help parents and families, like mine, feel good about the products they are putting on their children. We are a small batch company, with big hopes that our products will nourish your family's skin as they have ours.


the power of herbs

With the thoughtful guidance of my mentor and friend, Austin herbalist Ellen Zimmermann, I created my first batch of Jack's Salve in 2020.

Jack's Salve is created using the dream team of skin rejuvenating herbs: calendula, plaintain, chickweed, yarrow and self-heal. These medicinal herbs contain naturally calming properties that replenish moisture and soothe dry, damaged skin. When infused with our certified organic sunflower and coconut oils, this perfect blend of nutrients locks in moisture and restores dry skin to its natural, healthy state.


how laura uses kind leaf herbs products

Jack's Salve is our go-to after falls, injuries, or encounters with pesky insects. Most importantly, we use Jack's Salve to nourish my son's extremely dry skin. For my son, Jack, proactive use is key. At the first sign of dryness, I liberally cover every inch of his affected area twice a day, before a flare-up occurs. In our home, this stops Jack's dry skin in its tracks. If we are dealing with a particularly irritated patch, I increase my use to 3-4 times daily until it's under control, at which point I resume preventative use.

I use our chest rub on both kids for sinus and respiratory support. At the first sign of a stuffy nose, I apply this soothing rub to their chest, back and soles of their feet before bed and naps. 


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