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Jack's Salve has worked magic on my family. Since I feel 100% comfortable with the ingredients, knowing everything is natural and safe, we use it on everything! From extra dry skin on my babies, to severely dry skin on my husband's feet, to minor burns and chapped lips. Jack’s Salve has become the only product my husband will use on his face when it goes through a dry phase - him using any product at all is the biggest win.

-Grace, Houston, TX

meet the homegrown herbs in jack's salve


(Calendula officinalis) 

Calendula is one of the most powerful and well known herbs in Jack’s Salve. Its vibrant orange flower contains nutritive properties that are calming, purifying and nourishing to dry or damaged skin. Calendula is a wonderful herb for children and babies.


(Plantago major)

Plantain is fabulously hydrating and nourishing for dry or damaged skin. The soft, moist leaves promote healthy tissue regeneration and are known for their “drawing” qualities, making them helpful when you encounter pesky insects or other skin irritants.


(Stellaria media)

Chickweed soothes and protects dry, itchy skin. We harvest the stems, leaves and flowers and infuse them into our certified organic oils. Chickweed is a great herb for sensitive skin and wonderfully safe for children and babies.


(Achillea millefolium)

Yarrow is a versatile herb that may be used topically to support healthy tissue regeneration. It is calming and nourishing to dry, distressed skin. We harvest the leaves and infuse them into certified organic oils.


(Prunella vulgaris)

Self-Heal’s name says it all. We harvest the leaves, which are known for supporting healthy tissue regeneration and nourishing dry or damaged skin.

"We love Jack's Salve! My daughter had severe dry skin for an entire year and we could not find anything that worked. We tried at least a dozen different types of creams. Some improved her condition a little bit, but she didn't like the texture or smell of the creams (and some of the creams irritated her skin). Jack's Salve worked wonders on her! She loved the smell and texture and it cleared her dry patches completely! We now use Jack's Salve as a preventative every night before bedtime. Typically during the winter, her dry skin comes back but this year it hasn't! We started using it on her brother also and it has worked for him too. We are big fans! - Maria (happy mom)"

-Maria, New York, NY

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